How Creative Are You? Let The Duck And Rabbit Tell You

Because who doesn't love an optical illusion...

Duck and Rabbit
Duck and Rabbit

Because who doesn't love an optical illusion...

Do you ever wonder how creative you really are? Forget all those long, drawn out personality tests, here’s a super quick way to find out. 

What do you see first when you look at the above image - duck or a rabbit? 

Most people see both quite easily, but the real test is how long it takes for your brain to flip between the two, and how much you have to concentrate to see one or the other.

Psychologist Richard Wiseman believes that the quicker you can go between seeing the duck and the rabbit is related to your natural creativity. He tested people’s ability to use everyday objects in novel ways, before showing them the image that has been around for over a century. 

He discovered that those who could quickly see the duck and the rabbit were also able to make connections between two previously unrelated ideas or objects - a skill attributed to highly creative people.

The test can also determine certain aspects about your emotional surroundings. Apparently, children who were tested around Easter saw a rabbit, but when asked in October saw a duck. 

And now for the history bit: The ambiguous image was first published in 1892 in a German magazine called Fliegende Blatter, and in 1899 made famous by Ludwig Wittgenstein, when he included it in his Psychological Investigations as a means of describing two different ways of seeing things – seeing that / seeing as. Then in 2009 Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote a children’s book based on the sketch called Duck! Rabbit! 

Oh, if only they knew in 1892 that people would still be talking about and sharing this image in 2016. 

So if you like to claim you’re a creative genius, you could now possibly have the evidence to back it up. Someone send this to Kanye West…

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