If you can answer this interview question, you can basically get a job anywhere

Hint: it's a head scratcher

Hardest question
Hardest question
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Hint: it's a head scratcher

As we're all aware, job interviews can be soul-curdling things. If you've even been in a situation where you get asked a question that you can't answer, you know it can be a total deal-breaker. But have you ever wondered about the sort of interview questions that even the brainiest of job candidates have trouble with?

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An interviewee has revealed the question that left him completely stumped during an interview with computer giants, Microsoft - and cost him the job. (If you can answer this, you're basically a genius and should ceremoniously throw your papers off your desk, immediately.)

The interviewee was asked what the area of a right triangle would be if it had a hypotenuse measuring 10 cm and an altitude equal to 6 cm. Right. We're already lost.

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However, the applicant had a pretty smart answer for the question, which he revealed on the Q&A site Quora: 'As area of any triangle is 0.5, the base multiplied by the height, the answer to this question would be 0.5 x 10 x 6, which evaluates to 30.'

Sounds like a logical answer to a horrifying question, right?


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The interviewers revealed that a triangle with such measurements could not exist. So it was a trick question? Give him a break, guys!

If you answered that correctly, do yourself a favour and apply for NASA or something.

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