How much?! Brits spend £450 a year on coffee

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  • Are you in the habit of picking up a Starbucks on your way in to the office? Your caffeine hit could be costing you £450 a year

    Can’t start the day without a trip to Starbucks? Britons spend an average of £450 a year on coffee, with big consumers forking out as much as £2,000 a year on cappuccinos, lattes and espressos.

    According to a survey, an incredible 511million cups of coffee are consumed each week nationwide and almost half of those are served at high street coffee houses such as Starbucks or Costa Coffee at an average price of £1.92.

    ‘When you calculate how much we’re all spending on buying coffee each week, the bill is shocking and I think people will be surprised to discover quite how quickly the expense adds up,’ says Mark Taylor of VillaWare.

    ‘The amount the average person is forking out each year on high street coffee is as much as your average yearly electricity bill or annual gym membership.’

    Surprisingly, coffee drinking is more popular in men. While women drink an average of six cups of coffee a day, men are 33 per cent more likely to pick up a coffee on the way to work drinking around eight cups a week.

    And it seems coffee becomes more appealing with age with over-55s consuming an average of 15 cups of coffee a week. But the recession has taken its toll with 66 per cent of coffee drinkers increasingly choosing to make their coffee at home.

    Do you spend too much on coffee? Or do you think that morning cup of coffee makes all the difference to your day?


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