Which A-list man is this gorgeous girl?

Clue: He always abides by the Law

Doesn’t Jude Law make a rather lovely-looking lady?

The actor uncannily manages to look like his ex-wife Sadie Frost in his new role as a transvestite called Minx in Rage.

Rage, which also stars Lily Cole – to whom Law was recently romantically linked – is being shown in competition at the International Berlin Film Festival, which starts today.

The movie’s director, Sally Potter, praised Jude’s skill in the brave incarnation, saying: ‘Jude Law, whose beauty has sometimes been held against him as an actor, made the courageous decision to accept the role of Minx – a celebrity supermodel.

‘Strangely, the more he became a “she”, coiffed and made-up – the more naked was his performance.

‘There was great strength in his willingness to make himself vulnerable. It was an extraordinarily intense part of the shoot.’

Lily Cole will play a starlet called Lettuce Leaf, while another co-star, Dame Judi Dench, described the film as ‘without question, the most unusual piece of work I’ve ever done’.

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