The Outlander cast had the most hilarious response to their celebrity fan

Poor Jamie.

outlander cast
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Poor Jamie.

We’re never ones to pass on a chance to recreate our favourite TV show scenes and it turns out we’re not the only ones. While travelling through the UK on holiday, Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa Nadal tapped into their inner Outlander geeks and the cast quickly took notice on Twitter. Long story short, they’re all huge fans of each other and Caitriona Balfe may or may not have just sold her co-star Sam Heughan for Hamilton tickets.

Lin posted a photo to Twitter of his wife at a henge, staring stoically into the camera as she knocked on one of its stones. It’s a reference to the steamy television show, where the protagonist Claire is whisked back in time after stumbling across the stones at a henge called Craigh na Dun and falls in love with a dashing Scot named Jamie.

He wrote, ‘Every time we pass a damn henge my wife tries to Outlander her way to Jamie-land, give it up lady.’

It didn’t take long before the main stars of the show responded and, well, Lin’s marriage could be in trouble. Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, retweeted the picture and responded dryly, ‘Lady has remarkable taste.’

Lin showed his true stan colours by responding with a gif of Claire from the show snapping, ‘how dare you’. It seems like things could turn ugly if the pair ever met, because Lin wrote, ‘*wakes up, gets Hamilton dueling pistol out of storage*’.

Things were slightly more civil between Lin and Caitriona Balfe, who was determined not to throw away her shot and tried to bargain with the Hamilton writer now that she had his attention. She wrote, ‘I’ll sell him to her for some Hamilton tickets..!!!! #everyonehasaprice #justfeedandwaterhimdaily @Lin_Manuel @SamHeughan’

Well, it seems like they must have come to some agreement behind the scenes because before we knew it, Lin wanted out.

‘Um I did a funny tweet and now I’m in a time travel Wife Swap help,’ he tweeted in response. We're not even going to try to figure out the logistics.

To be honest, we never in a million years would have imagined this crossover but we’re just thrilled it happened. The internet is a beautiful, amazing place. And whatever Lin, Vanessa, Sam and Caitriona decide to get up to, that’s up to them. They’re all consenting adults, they can figure it out between themselves.

Hey, Lin, what does a girl have to do to get Hamilton tickets? We don't have a Sam Heughan on hand, but we do have a coffee machine if that tickles your fancy.

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