Katie Holmes' 30th birthday

Insider secrets from Mrs Cruise's big day

Marie Claire Celebrity News: Katie Holmes
Marie Claire Celebrity News: Katie Holmes

Insider secrets from Mrs Cruise's big day

Katie Holmes turned 30 this week, but celebrations were kept to a minimum thanks to her work commitments on Broadway.

Mrs Cruise is currently in New York City performing in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons and away from loved ones and family, however, that didn't mean her big day went by without any kind of surprise.

As the play drew to a close last night, co-star John Lithgow appeared on stage with a cake from Tom Cruise and a personal message for the star from her famous husband.

'Tom Cruise, our good friend, devoted fan to the show, doting husband of Katie, could not be here tonight. He's heartsick that he couldn't be here,' said Lithgow. 'But he wanted to make his presence felt. So, he's joining us, inviting all of you, to celebrate Katie's birthday.'

The cake that accompanied the message was no ordinary Victoria sponge, instead Tom had ordered a five-tier, frosted extravaganza more suited to a wedding than someone's birthday.

'Thank you for coming out to the show tonight. It was a real pleasure,' Katie, who brought daughter Suri out onto stage to share the surprise, told the audience after her fellow cast members had finished their rousing chorus of happy birthday.

On the other side of the country, Tom, who was at a premiere for his new film, Valkyrie, told reporters: 'I planned it so that when she comes out for the standing ovation, John [would] get the whole audience to wish her a happy birthday. It's going to be great.'


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