Kate Middleton May Start Her Own Business

Move over Duchy Organics?

Kate Middleton related to Dakota and Elle Fanning
Kate Middleton related to Dakota and Elle Fanning
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Move over Duchy Organics?

Being a mother and a member of the royal family, the role of Duchess comes with a whole host royal duties and tasks, but according to reports, Kate Middleton is keen to launch her own organic food business along with a little help from her sister, Pippa.

The Duchess, who welcomed her second child - Princess Charlotte – in May, has apparently been feeding her children a diet of puréed fruit, vegetables and smoothies organically grown from her garden at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Norfolk estate, Anmer Hall with her sister Pippa apparently helping out, too.

Pippa, who undertook a food nutritionist course in New York earlier this year, has also reportedly designed some healthy recipes for her niece and nephew.

As a result, the sisters are hoping to start their own organic food company - which many have speculated might be given the moniker ‘Amner Organics’ - and will cater for the whole family, including organic baby food and grow-your-own vegetable kits.

We think she could be onto something here…

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source revealed: ‘It's a concept for now but it will happen - just give it 18 months or so.'

'It's also important for William to promote his home, Norfolk, in the same way that Charles promotes Cornwall with the Duchy range. You can just imagine the labelling -"home-grown organic produce from Norfolk, home of Prince William"'.

Indeed, the (potential) launch of a new company from the Duchess will probably come as little surprise to fans of the young royals: that entrepreneurial spirit is present on both Kate and William’s side of the family.

Pippa Middleton launched a cookbook back in 2012 while her parents currently manage their own party wear business. Prince Charles, meanwhile, launched a partnership with Waitrose in 1990 creating the Duchy range of 300 food and drink products, which to-date, has raised millions for charity and proved to be a hugely profitable success for the supermarket chain.

With all this business acumen, it's possible this idea could really take off. Plus, judging by how much clout Kate's fashion has with the public, we're sure lots of people will be queuing up to take a few nutrition tips from the Duchess, too...

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