EXCLUSIVE: Marie Claire meets The Noisettes

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  • Taking outfit inspiration from a bird in a gilded cage, Shingai Shoniwa was quite the golden girl during a Noisettes album launch at Baroque, Mayfair

    Taking outfit inspiration from a bird in a gilded cage, Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes was confident and playful dressed in an iridescent dress with a kremlin skirt for the launch of their latest album, Contact, at Baroque in Mayfair.

    Here’s what happened when Marie Claire met the fashion-forward singer…

    What can we expect from the new album?

    Contact is possibly an elephant step away from our previous records in some ways and then at the same time for us its exactly the follow up record we’d expect to have to supersede our first two albums – I guess if you heard all the demos in between all 3 of our albums you’d see an even more epic musical and lyrical journey.

    There’s much more of a melodic and 70’s futurama soul inspired influence overall but the up and down-ness of the lyrical tone from song to song is similar to that found on our previous albums and so is the micro- eclecticism; you can hear a bit of country, acid jazz, new wave, dream pop throughout.
    Who are your style icons?
    • My Grandma because she could make dreams come true from her Humble sewing machine and flamboyant attitude.
    • Michelle Obama is cooking right now.
    • Daphne Guiness seems to get more weird and wonderful by the day.
    • Josephine Baker for her tropical sensibility.
    How would you label your own look and where do you draw inspiration from?
    I draw my inspiration from nature, Africa, film, theatre, romance, surrealism, art, everyday folly and metropolis.
    Are you a shoes, bags or accessories kind of girl?
    Should a girl have to choose?
    How has your style evolved since the Noisette’s burst on the scene?
    Erm, travelling, making music videos, shooting with amazing photographers and extending my musical legacy have all contributed to my confidence. I now have more appreciation and confidence in my own evolution of style.
    You can’t always have looked so stylish and well groomed! Any fashion disasters?
    What begins as a fashion disaster can often turn into a eureka moment. I am open to that and believe in keeping it playful.
    How does your stage attire different from your day-to-day wear?
    Let’s just say the line between Shingai on stage and off stage has become increasingly thinner!


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