David Blaine hangs upside down for 60 hours

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  • See David Blaine latest stunt: hanging around in Central Park

    Daredevil David Blaine has begun his latest stunt – this time to hang upside down for 60 hours.

    The illusionist, who’s previous stunts include starving himself for 44 days and being encased in a block of ice for 63 hours, is back in the spotlight hanging upside down in Central Park, New York.

    Suspended from a four-storey metal frame in the Big Apple, Blaine risks going blind from dangling for that long, say his medical advisors.

    Blood vessel surgeon, Dr Massimo Napolitano explained that hanging upside down increases blood pressure in the head, particularly in the eyes.

    The growing pressure can lead to sight loss as well as swelling and cramps in internal organs.

    Although Blaine has agreed permission to perform the stunt, don’t go getting any ideas; New York mayor Michael Bloomberg recently signed a new bill banning the practice of climbing or jumping off high buildings, after a spell of base jumping incidents across the city.

    It ‘prohibits climbing, jumping or suspending oneself from structures without the approval of the police department and the owner of the structure.’

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