Spot on Brexit tweets that will make you laugh through the tears

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  • 'The Brexit secretary job is the real life Defence Against the Dark Arts teaching post'

    It’s been a pretty rough 24 hours for those of us who happen to have a news app on their phone, with an onslaught of breaking news alerts as Brexit comes to a head. From the unveiling of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal deal, an onslaught of resignations and Jacob Rees-Mogg calling for a vote of no-confidence in May, it’s been a harrowing time for anybody who’s been following British politics. Although there’s a lot to be nervous and furious about, there’s a number of Brits on Twitter who have turned to that great national past time: dealing with internal despair with comedy.

    As the drama unfolded yesterday night, there were a number of tweets that captured just how hilariously awful the entire situation is. Quite honestly, they were the only things keeping us from breaking down into tears and weeping about the whole thing. Many users hit on the seemingly endless string of resignations by Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, cabinet minister Esther McVey and several junior ministers.

    Others also hit on the fact that now that Dominic Raab has stepped down, there’s a not so cushy role as Brexit Secretary going.

    Given that Theresa May held a surprise press conference last night, many speculated that she would actually be stepping down from her position as Prime Minister. However, she instead doubled down and said, ‘I am going to see this through.’

    That didn’t stop one Twitter user from pulling one of the greatest pranks of all time, fooling people into thinking she had actually stepped down. Matt Chorley fooled people into thinking the PM had resigned, when in fact a CEO with a very similar last name stepped down from Patisserie Valerie. NGL, he had us going for a second.

    With a lot of things hanging in the balance including the question of the Irish border, freedom of travel in the EU and whether or not we can still back out of Brexit, there’s understandably a lot of confusion about it all. That said though, there’s nothing most of us can do but watch the slow moving car crash.

    That said, some people still had hope that we might be able to deus ex machina our way out of this mess:

    While others worried about our international reputation:

    And others basically nailed the situation with an appeal to our innate Britishness:

    In any case, it’s all shaping up to be a very interesting week.

    And we use the word interesting in the most English way possible, meaning we honestly, politely, just don’t know what else to say.

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