Women spend 136 days getting ready

How long do you spend getting ready in a lifetime?

If your man has ever accused you of taking an age to get ready, he may be onto something.

A new survey has found that the average woman spends 3,276 hours, or an astonishing 136 days, getting dressed, putting on make-up and sorting out their hair over a lifetime.

By contrast, men spend just 45 days making sure they look just right – exactly a third as long as women.

The survey found that just under two thirds of women thought the time spent getting ready was actually a chore, with only a third saying they enjoyed primping and preening.

Women spend about half an hour washing and styling their hair on a daily basis, followed by 20 minutes applying make-up and 15 minutes applying nail polish.

The survey, commissioned by Skinbliss, also found evidence of a north-south divide, with two-thirds of northern women saying they go out twice in a weekend compared with only half of those in the south.

Considering that northern women also spend 20 minutes more getting ready than southern women, that’s a lot of time in front of the mirror.

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