Road To Beauty: What I Learnt About The Power Of A Positive Attitude From Brazilian Women

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  • L'équipée Biker Pauline Discovers That Brazilian-Style Beauty Is First And Foremost About Fulfilling Your Potential

    What Does ‘Being Beautiful’ Mean To You?

    To me, a beautiful woman is someone who is independent and who loves herself for who she really is; someone who has a full life with lots of plans. She doesn’t depend on anyone else to realise her goals – I believe that you can’t spend your entire life waiting around, because if you wait too long, you’ll end up not doing anything at all. A beautiful woman embraces her dreams and becomes fulfilled and happy through what she accomplishes in her life.

    How Do Brazilian Women Express Their Beauty? 

    It might sound strange, but, for me, Brazilian women express their beauty through their hair. They really take special care of it, and they see it as one of their essential female attributes. I also found the way the ranch women in the Pantanal – a mother and her daughters – were so welcoming to people passing through very beautiful. They had no preconceptions about anyone. They gave us the chance to achieve our full potential and they made us feel our time on the farm had been useful. It was a wonderful experience.

    What Beauty Lesson Will You Take Home From This Trip?

    To be natural. The women we met were all about being themselves, and that’s what made them shine.

    Did You Find Beauty In Unexpected Places?

    The women’s village, an agricultural community run entirely by women, was a magical place of love, and we were welcomed there with open arms. Everyone is so nice and friendly. They treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves. If everyone in the world thought and acted like that, it would be a much better – and more beautiful – place.



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