Meet The Women Redefining Beauty

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  • Meet the four inspiring women who promise to change the way you think about beauty...

    Daring, bold, brilliant, pioneers? The women in this film are all of this, and more. If you’ve read the September 2015 issue of Marie Claire, you’ll probably agree – but if you haven’t here’s our behind the scenes video from the shoot – with extra interviews and much more.

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    // Monami Frost, 21, is a Latvian vlogger and model who lives in Liverpool, @monamifrost

    ‘People ask why I got my body modifications, but they just felt beautiful and instinctive to me….’

    Monami explores what it’s like to be a mega-vlogger, mother and tattooed model in a world that sees tattooed people as less beautiful and valuable than others. She talks about how tattoos are her choice and how her body is her own canvas.

    Harnaam Kaur, 24, is a body-confidence activist from Slough,@harnaamkaur

    ‘I was first diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome at the age of 11, but I didn’t notice the side effect of excess facial hair until other people pointed it out. Initially, I hated the hair – it’s so linked to masculinity that it caused me a lot of self-esteem issues….’

    Harnaam talks about her experiences with facial hair, the anguish of being bullied and how she’s come out of it all feeling stronger than ever.

    Munroe Bergdorf, 28, is a DJ from east London, @munroebergdorf

    ‘I was bullied when I was younger for being “different” and effeminate. But as I got older, it escalated into feeling generally unsafe. It’s not a period of my life I’d ever wish to repeat, but it made me realise that the reason [behind the] bullying was actually what makes me special.’

    Monroe gives us a snapshot of what life has been like for her in terms of growing up, embracing your true self and loving yourself – no matter what society says.

    Taylor Crisp, 20, is a model for Suicide Girls and tattoo apprentice from 
Leicestershire, @TaylorCupCake16

    ‘I was born with Femur Fibula Ulna syndrome, which is a shortening of the bones. I was called names like “peg leg” at school, which was upsetting. I still get the name calling, but what hurts more is when people say I should have more dignity, and not really show myself off in “certain ways”. That’s part of the reason I decided to venture into lingerie modelling – to offer another point of view on sexuality…’

    Taylor talks about the reasons that she went into lingerie modeling, despite being very different from the usual models in her field – we think she looks just awesome.

    Photography: PEROU

    Interviews: Anita Bhagwandas

    Photography director: Sian Parry

    Stylist: Grace Smitham

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