Madonna named ultimate face

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  • Does Madonna have the perfect face? America's plastic surgeons think so

    Madonna has the perfect face, according to America.

    In a cover feature on culture barometer New York magazine, her Madgesty is proclaimed ‘The New New Face’, thanks to her perfect heart-shaped visage, plumped-up cheekbones, wrinkle-free forehead and ‘full but not overstuffed’ lips.

    Delve a little deeper inside the magazine, and the author accuses Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Liz Hurley and Naomi Campbell all of having ‘new new faces’. Women in Hollywood, it seems, are all beginning to resemble one another.

    ‘I don’t presume to know exactly what any of these women have done to their faces, if anything at all. It’s possible (though in some cases before-and-after pictures would seem to suggest otherwise) that this face is occurring entirely naturally – after all, these are women who are famous for being beautiful,’ points out the author, Jonathan Van Meter.

    ‘The point is that there is a noticeable aesthetic shift happening in the face, and that it’s dovetailing with quantum leaps in plastic surgery and dermatology.’

    Today, it seems, having the perfect face isn’t about stretched and gaunt-looking skin, but plumped-up, youthful cheeks – hence the huge popularity of fillers, as older women attempt to mimic the ‘baby fat’ of women in their teens and early twenties.

    ‘It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when or how a new aesthetic is born, but it seems clear that once we became obsessed with the baby face of the teenage girl, the world of dermatology came up with more and better ways for us to achieve the plumpness of youth,’ writes Jonathan.

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