This Man Has Dedicated His Life To Making Strangers Feel Beautiful

OK, OK, maybe not his ENTIRE life. But certainly the last two years.


OK, OK, maybe not his ENTIRE life. But certainly the last two years.

Totally beautiful

With the exception of the thrill you get when you make it onto a crowded tube seconds before the doors close, or perhaps the perspiration-induced high that comes from finding your nose pressed against a stranger's armpit, the evening commute in London is a bit of a grim experience. On a good day, you might manage to find enough elbow space to play two levels of Candy Crush. On a bad day, you're more likely to spend 45 minutes wondering whether you're so tightly packed, you could take both feet off the floor and remain standing upright in the scrum. Both options are vaguely depressing.

Which is why one man has taken it upon himself to cheer us all up - carrying a handdrawn sign on A3 paper and reminding individuals that they're beautiful.

'I think that we forget sometimes, there are beautiful people, who do beautiful things, in a beautiful world,' he writes on his website. 'I know I certainly forget. So here I am offering a beautiful something in remembrance.'

While we're yet to discover the name of this good sign-maritan (gettit? gettit?), rumours have it that he's called Matthew (but that could be based on absolutely nothing).

Either way, we'd like to tell him that we think he's beautiful too.

Forget the sign, he's beautiful just because he braved Oxford Circus in the middle of a summer's day

Yep, she's definitely beautiful.

Also totally beautiful

As beautiful as Liam Neeson defeating terrorists in Taken 3

This woman is completely beautiful.

What a coincidence! They're beautiful as well

This man's facial expression is possibly the most beautiful of all

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