7 in 10 women admit to giving their man a makeover

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  • Shane Warne's transformation by his new fiancé, Liz Hurley, has inspired women to make-over their man

    A new report has revealed seven in 10 women love their men – just not the way they are, and admit to giving their bloke a ‘man-makeover’ within weeks of meeting him.

    The survey of 2,000 UK women revealed that Liz Hurley’s transformation of fiancé Shane Warne has inspired them to give their own man a makeover, by subtly discouraging him from eating certain foods, wearing certain clothes and even growing facial hair.

    The celebrity couple, who have been engaged less than a month, now seem to appear everywhere in his and hers matching outfits – a far cry from Shane Warne’s scruffy sportswear looksported during his Australian cricketing days.

    It seems many of us are now encouraging our partners to be well groomed, in shape and clean-shaven. 

    Over 38% of us reportedly want to change the way our man dresses, while a quarter of women admitted they wanted a clean shaven face, trying to make their man shave more regularly.

    A quarter of those questioned also said it had taken them just two weeks to start moulding their new partner in to their perfect man and one of the most important areas for a woman to change is his grooming habits.

    Coming top of the grooming list was changing his aftershave (20%), then trimming nose and ear hair (17%), plucking his eyebrows (16%), moisturising regularly (13%) and using whitening toothpaste (8%) were all on women’s hit lists for preening their partner.

    The survey was commissioned by Wilkinson Sword, the official grooming partner of Movember.com, to encourage men to ‘gro a mo’ to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues.

    Jason Shankey, Wilkinson Sword’s grooming expert said, ‘Getting involved in Movember is the perfect way for men to claim back their masculinity and grow a manly moustache. And when December comes they can celebrate by shaving it all off to reveal the super smooth, clean shaven look they prefer.’

    He continued to say, ‘This research shows there is definitely a ‘Shane Warne effect’ sweeping through the country at the moment. The positive effect Liz Hurley has had on Shane Warne’s overall appearance is remarkable and it seems women of the UK want to recreate similar results on their own men.’

    The survey also found nearly a third of women felt they had their boyfriend or husband ‘under their thumb’, with 60% claiming they ‘knew best’ when it came to how their other half looked.

    Of those surveyed, 40% felt it was a woman’s job to ‘makeover’ their man and it appears they will go to any length to achieve this with a third saying they do it subtly, another third being sneaky and the rest making it clear to their partner that changes needed to be made.

    What do you think? Do you change the way your man looks and does he need some woman style advise? Tell us what you think in the comments box below…

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