14 reasons why grad life is better than university

It's not all downhill from here


It's not all downhill from here

University is over and so are the best years of your life, apparently.

But actually, there are plenty of positives that come from graduating. So if the big day is looming or you just need a reminder, here are some of the best things about leaving your student life behind...

1. You’re getting paid and have an interest free graduate overdraft The misery of life without a student loan will quickly disappear when you get your first salary.

2. No more essays If your dissertation turned you into a shell of your former self, you’re not alone. Exams and coursework are now out of your life forever, which means all of the Netflix and none of the guilt. 3. …Or all nighters Staying up, crying into your Red Bull as you Google ‘what's the ideal time for a nap?’ is a thing of the past.

4. You might get more out of your first job than university A few things will stick in your mind from all that late night cramming, but nothing progresses your career further than jumping in at the deep end and learning on the job.

5. You'll actually have a normal routine Sure, staying up until 3am and waking up at midday was fun for a while, but dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and having a schedule can feel surprisingly great (after coffee).

6. Two words: Bank. Holidays. At university every day is like a Bank Holiday so you never appreciate the beauty of a work-free Monday.

7. Your office is probably cooler than your university library And you’ll be better dressed too.

8. You now drink Prosecco and cocktails Instead of Glen’s Vodka and Tesco’s Everyday Value lemonade from a mug.

9. No more fancy dress It was fun while it lasted, but if you were still dressing up every Wednesday night in final year, graduation is a good opportunity to re-evaluate your life. 10. And say goodbye to UGG boots If you’re lucky you can finally leave these behind in the 00s where they belong.

11. You’ll embarrass yourself less I’m not making any promises, but the odds of you sleeping with that weird guy down the hall or knocking yourself out during Ring of Fire are now significantly reduced.

12. There might be a couple of people you're not going to miss At least one housemate revealed they were a total nightmare two months too late, when you were already locked into a year-long contract.

13. See ya later, slugs The weirdest student house phenomenon. No uni means no more salting slugs you find lurking behind your doors. Or in your bedroom if you drew the short straw. 14. The choices are endless Whether you want to move back home with your oldest friends, travel the world or move to a city that beats your uni night life hands down, change is a positive thing.