Psycle CEO Rhian Stephenson On How She Went From National Athlete To Fitness Exec

Want to break into the health and fitness industry? Here's how you can apply to be mentored by fitness exec Rhian Stephenson

Rhian Stephenson
Rhian Stephenson

Want to break into the health and fitness industry? Here's how you can apply to be mentored by fitness exec Rhian Stephenson

Rhian Stephenson, 33, is the CEO of Psycle, a spin studio with two locations in central London. She is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, and her role covers everything from event management to training instructors. Here's how she went from Olympic swimmer to fitness exec...

'Live your brand. I was on the Canadian national swimming team and we did lots of spin training. I loved it so much, I became an instructor. I then qualified as a naturopath and nutritionist in a clinical setting. Your passion will help you decide what you want to do in your career, then you just need to underpin it with the skills to get you there.'

'Things took off when I set up my own business. I ran corporate seminars and wellness retreats, and advised restaurants on how to make their menus healthier. Eventually, Psycle approached me and my role developed into what it is today.'

'One of my clients went through a painful divorce and said that exercising was the one thing that kept her strong. For me, experiences like that stand out way more than weight loss – you see how confident people become.'

'I may be the CEO, but I still teach three classes a week. It gives me a good handle on what’s going on, and makes me more approachable.' 'Share your knowledge with people, but don’t preach. The aim is to provide a platform for your clients to make healthy choices but at the end of the day, it’s their call.'

'At Psycle we see 4,300 people coming in every week. It’s amazing, but it can be difficult to find that work/life balance when it’s so busy. I try not to read my emails at home – it makes it a lot easier to switch off.' WANT TO BE MENTORED BY RHIAN? One successful applicant will get an hour-long mentoring session with Rhian followed by two further half-hour sessions.

To apply, just email your CV, cover letter and photo to by 31 January 2016 and make sure to include the following information:




Proposed mentor

What is your ambition and what have you done so far to achieve this? (in 200 words or fewer)

Let us know in 200 words or fewer what you'd look for in a mentor

Let us know in 200 words or fewer why you'd be a brilliant mentee

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