This is the day of the year most Brits will call in sick

*cough cough*

calling in sick
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*cough cough*

If you weren't one of the many Brits who handed in their notice on January 31st, the most popular day of the year to quit work for the majority of UK employees, then this might suit you a little better.

Why? Well, today is the day of the year most UK workers are likely to phone in sick.

In fact, with up to 350,000 workers expected to call in sick today, the first Monday of February has officially become know as 'National Sickie Day.'

The news, ironically, comes after a recent survey revealed that 7 in 10 Brits are actually too scared to call in sick when they need to.

National Sickie Day cost the UK economy an estimated £45 million in wages last year, with one of the reasons so many employees call in sick being down to disliking their jobs.

Of course if you do want to call in sick, this letter is the best excuse for a sickie and will get you out of work whenever you want.

Just be warned though, most bosses will probably be slightly suspicious if you do try and pull a sickie today.