11 reasons why pulling a sickie is rarely a good idea (sorry)

We've all been there; it's dark, rainy, cold and miserable and all you want to do is stay curled up under your duvet. Don't hate us, but here's why you're better off heading into the office...

Two girls on sofa, pulling a sickie
How to sleep comfortably in the summer heat
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We've all been there; it's dark, rainy, cold and miserable and all you want to do is stay curled up under your duvet. Don't hate us, but here's why you're better off heading into the office...

The first Monday of February is the day you're most likely to pull a sickie, and hey, we don't blame you, it's miserable out there. But, with an average of 350,000 people staying curled up under their duvets instead of working in the office, and £30million lost in business opportunities, should we just man-up and get back to work?

Here's 11 reasons why pulling that sickie may not be such a grand idea after all...

1. Guilt – You're trying to concentrate on the next episode of Breaking Bad but all you can think about is how guilty you feel. Does pulling a sickie mean you're not dedicated to your job? Will it leave you with bad karma? Is the office transcending into absolute chaos without you? You'll find these questions flying round your brain all day as you try and relax. Not ideal.

2. Loneliness – You don't tend to notice just how much office chatter and constant human communication effects you every single day. It's an instant pick me up. Lying alone at home often makes people feel depressed and lonely. Team that with the drab weather and the overwhelming feelings of guilt and you're lining yourself up for a pretty darn miserable day...

3. Falling behind – Everything at work you had planned to get through today? You'll still have to do it tomorrow. Trying to play catch-up the next day often means trying to get through double the workload in half the time – we can't think of anything worse. Any relaxation you might be able to sneak in during your skiving-off day will just be undone with the stressful workload tomorrow.

4. Anxiety – Picture it now, every time your boss asks for a 'quick chat' your stomach will plummet to your feet – gulp. In reality, they'll probably just want to go over figures or weekly plans with you (phew), but there'll still be that constant panic that you'll have been found out as a skiver.

sick day

Sick day?

5. Eating junk food – Chances are you won't be nipping out at lunch for a nice green salad from Crussh like you do every other Monday. If you're anything like us, a duvet day entails plenty of carbs and freezer leftovers, be that pizza, chips or breaded chicken. We predict a hefty-sized portion of post-binge guilt from breaking your New Year's healthy eating plan. Oopsy.

6. Ruining your poor, poor bank balance – You've watched boxsets till you can't really see anymore, so now what? Scanning Net-A-Porter and Zara's new-in sections won't end well for your bank balance, although it might bode slightly better for your wardrobe. Do you need that new print bikini and those gladiator sandals? Probably not.

7. You'll be ruining some else's day – Ok, so some of the work you'll be missing out on you can easily pick-up when you're back in the office, but everything else? Someone else will have to cover. Fancy your workload increasing by 50 per cent? We thought not. Spare a thought for the poor soul who's about to have a far worse Monday because of you.

8. Skipping the gym – You promised yourself you'd make it to Power Plate this week, you really did. But with your sickie keeping you happily pyjama-clad all day, are you really going to venture out in your lycra ready for an evening class? We didn't think so. Gym next to the office? Even more of a chance you won't quite be making that class.

9. Not relaxing enough – Sure, you might get a few hours extra shut eye, but will you truly relax? You'll notice that the mirror needs cleaning, oh, and so does the fridge, and was your bath always that colour? In fact, when did your pores get so big? And has your hair got more split-ends than ever before? Not such a relaxing day off now, is it?

10. Stuck in the house – Unless you live a fair distance from the office, you'll be pretty much be stuck in your house all day. Think that sounds like heaven? Your day off is going to be nothing like your fun weekends – no lunches at your favourite restaurant, no long strolls through the local park and no heading out to museums and exhibitions. The list of things you can actually do with all your new-found spare time is suddenly getting a lot shorter...

11. Cabin fever – On that same note, you'll start to suffer from the dreaded cabin fever. A couple of hours into a sickie, all is well – you're loving the comfort of your bed during daylight hours, you're enjoying all the mindless TV and endless snacks – but just give it until the afternoon. Being stuck indoors all day is going to make you start acting like a puppy who needs walking, and it ain't fun.

And, if after all of that, you're still not swayed, you might as well make that sickie a good'un. Check out our ultimate guilty-pleasure films and get cosy with a cuppa. Good luck!