These words of wisdom from tribal elders are amazing

Need a little life advice? These words of wisdom from tribal elders will help

Ever wondered what the secret to living a better, happier life is? Yep, us too.

Which is why we bring you these words of advice which might just shine a light. Passed on by tribal chiefs and village elders to their children and grandchildren, these pearls of wisdom were all designed to help the future generation lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

In many traditional cultures, elders are considered to be ‘wisdom keepers’ and are hugely respected in their communities. So you can bet that when they do offer advice, it’s going to be pretty good. Ranging from sage sayings to inspiring personal anecdotes, each one is genius. The kind of genius that you want to print and stick on your fridge so that you see it every day when you’re making your morning coffee. Because who doesn’t like a little inspiration when they’re getting their daily caffeine fix?

So what exactly can we take away from these words of wisdom? Well, the first thing we noticed was that they are all surprisingly similar. In fact, despite the advice coming from all around the world, there was a running theme to it. Whether they were leading a rural village or an urban community, the elders all stressed the importance of love, peace and working together as a team. And of course, valuing people over possessions – something a lot of us tend to forget once in a while.

Each of these personal insights were collected from respected men and women from communities in Madagascar, Pakistan, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia by international charity WaterAid. Each elder is part of a community benefitting from one of their water and sanitation projects – part of WaterAid’s work which brought safe water to 2 million people last year. Here is what they each had to say…

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