18 brilliant wedding favour ideas from Instagram

Genius little guest gifts for your wedding day

Wedding favour ideas from Instagram
Wedding favour ideas from Instagram

Looking for some wedding favour ideas? Here's a few genius little guest gifts for your big day

Bye bye bags of sugared almonds, pretty much anything goes with wedding favours these days. From personalised honey dippers to tiny succulents, from compass keyrings to bottles of limoncello, here are some brilliant wedding favour ideas from Instagram to inspire you.

1) Personalised honey dippers

There's obviously great pun potential for 'sweet on you' / 'bee mine', plus it's something your guests can actually use.


2) Gin and flower lollies

These will just look really pretty on your table as extra decoration.

3) Tiny bottles of limoncello

A good post-dinner chaser to help everyone onto the dancefloor. As far as wedding favour ideas go, that's pretty high priority.


4) CD of the wedding soundtrack

(Including, of course, your first dance song)


5) Bubble tubes

Looking for wedding favour ideas for a wedding party with kids? These should provide good entertainment for the little ones.


6) A midnight snack cookie bag

For when everyone gets the munchies...


7) Temporary tattoos

Some wedding favour ideas (like this one) work just as well for hen dos.


8) Handmade pottery One incredibly industrious groom created 100 individual pottery dogs as wedding favours - gorgeous!


9) Mini succulents

Very on trend and they won't wilt

@succulents_of_swanborne and @fat_cat_pots10) Charity donation pin

Which also doubles as a place name - one of the more meaningful wedding favour ideas


11) Hangover survival kit

Always useful...


12) Personalised scent

They do say you fall in love using your sense of smell

Wedding favour ideas

13) Doughnuts

We love the chic brown boxes too

14) Mini compasses with the table names

Quite a sweet wedding favour idea if you're both into travel. Also, moving in the right direction metaphors and all that...

15) Olive oil

Great idea if you're getting married in the Med

16) Home brews

These little bottles of homemade sloe gin or coffee vodka make great wedding favours. Another idea is to put a bottle of gin or vodka on each table and make everyone's individual place setting a bottle of tonic - DIY cocktails

17) Packets of forget-me-not seeds

We love this idea, and it's relatively inexpensive too

18) Personalised candles

If in doubt, extend your wedding branding to a candle

Lucy Pavia