This bride is having an alcohol free wedding and people aren't happy

Would you RSVP 'no' to a friend's wedding just because they banned the booze?

alcohol free wedding

Would you RSVP 'no' to a friend's wedding just because they banned the booze?

Let's be honest, one of the best parts (Ok, maybe not the best, but it's definitely a perk) about being invited to the union of two loved ones is the free bar at the reception afterwards. But what if you were invited to an alcohol free wedding for rather unclear reasons?

Obviously we love watching two our of nearest and dearest affirming their love for one another whilst also preparing to embark on a new chapter of their lives together. It's just that the wedding is also the first time you'll probably be reunited with a lot of old friends, and nothing encourages a big old catch up quite like an all you can drink buffet.

However, if this bride gets her way then her guest are facing the prospect of a very dry wedding indeed.

Posting on the chat forum Wedding Bee, the bride asked fellow wedding planners for their thoughts and advice on an alcohol free wedding:

'So my fiancé and I have been wedding planning like crazy and we are trying to decide if we really want alcohol at our wedding. The majority of his family can and will drink a TON, and things can escalate quickly. Meanwhile my family is fine without.

What are your feelings on a dry wedding? We are aiming for an early afternoon wedding, small (50 people, mainly family). Like I said, the driving force is that his side of the family can't always handle alcohol. Plus it can save money.'

As expected, the bride's query divided opinion amongst users.

'It's kind of unfair that just because his side of the family can't control themselves, it denies the other guests from relaxing with a drink,' argued one commenter. Another added, 'If I knew ahead of time it was dry, I'd probably RSVP no.'

One user decided to speak from personal experience on the matter, 'I attended my first dry wedding a few weeks ago. Not a fan,' they revealed.

However, the bride-to-be did receive some support from the online community of wedding bees.

'I think it's very acceptable and doable. We had an afternoon dry wedding and it didn't seem like a big deal at all,' encouraged one user.

Another suggested making the wedding a mocktail affair: 'I say do it. People can survive an early afternoon party without a drink. Bonus points if you have delicious mocktails.'

Commenting back to the numerous replies, the bride wrote: 'I do plan on having some bubbly for a toast, but that's it. I want to serve some fun drinks in glass bottles, we are going for a laid back, rustic chic theme.'

She then added, 'I noticed that a lot of Bees think a dry wedding is no fun, but you should never need alcohol to have fun. Plus it makes room in a budget for other fun ideas!'

What do you think of an alcohol free wedding? Would you skip a loved one's big day just because it was booze free? Tweet us @MarieClaireUK and let us know.