Why I’m looking at my wardrobe in a new light ahead of London Fashion Week

“The most sustainable clothes are the clothes that you already have.” 

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London Fashion Week is one of the most exciting yet stressful times of the fashion calendar. From dashing from show to show, to interviewing designers and filing copy on the go, I need a wardrobe that works as hard as I do. Normally, at this time of year I’d indulge in a panic shopping splurge, updating my wardrobe so it reflects the new season trends. However, this year I’m taking a fresh approach. My wardrobe is already bursting at the seams and with recent statistics highlighting that 64 percent of people only wear an item once before throwing it away, this London Fashion Week I really want to try and embrace a more sustainable approach.

Adopting a more eco-friendly approach to fashion can seem overwhelming. However, Vanish has teamed up with the British Fashion Council to create #GenerationRewear, a campaign that easily outlines the steps we can take to change our clothing habits to become more sustainable. Their documentary series highlights the serious impact of our fashion choices and how designers, innovators and people just like you and me can take practical steps to help our clothes live longer. As the London based designer, Phoebe English explains in episode one, “The most sustainable clothes are the clothes that you already have.”

With this in mind, I dig out a pair of slouchy beige trousers buried at the back of my wardrobe. Billowing shapes were spotted all over the latest runways and my existing pair totally nail the trend. I’d last worn them two years ago but got caught in the rain so they’re watermarked and dirty looking, especially at the bottom hem where they trailed through puddles. I would usually use this as an excuse to justify buying a new pair however, using the Vanish Laundry Booster Gel they come out of the washing machine looking totally refreshed. Perfect!

On the runway, they were teamed with immaculate white shirting, another trend I’m keen to adopt. Globally, there are enough clothes already in existence to dress the next six generations, and in the UK, we send 350,000 tons of clothing to a landfill every year so I know the perfect white shirt must already exist. I hit up my local charity shop.

After a lot of rummaging, I eventually spot one. Its silky fabric hangs beautifully, I can’t believe my luck. However, its colour is looking a little lacklustre and it smells musty. For £10, I think it’s worth taking a gamble on though. I head home and pop it and a couple of other white T-shirts that are looking faded in the washing machine with the Vanish Miracle Whites Revival Serum. I leave them on an eco cycle and a little while later I can’t believe the difference. Any greyness and dullness has been lifted away, leaving me with icy white pieces. I’m thrilled! Not only have I saved myself money but it’s totally changed my mindset on how each of us can get our clothes to live longer. And even if someone (read myself) spills coffee or red wine on my beige and white pieces this London Fashion Week, I know that with a little bit of care I can revitalise them again.

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