Study finds the majority of women want more sex, and obviously

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  • Who knew? Oh, yeah. We did.

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Women might get the rough deal when it comes to orgasm inequality, but we’re not quitters and we’ll do what we can to get that sex afterglow.

    Whether it’s BDSM for beginners, gunning for the explosive cervical orgasm, or convincing your other half to attempt astral sex, there’s no way we’re living up to the outdated gender stereotypes that paint us as bedroom-shy wallflowers – something that has been backed up by a new study.

    Voucher Codes Pro surveryed 2,383 Britons aged 18 and over to ask them about their sex lives. All those involved were in long-term committed relationships and spilled the beans on everything from how regularly they had sex, to what they really wanted between the sheets.

    It found that 60% of women said that they wanted more sex compared to 41% of men, suggesting (finally) that, you know, women have sex drives too. A radical idea indeed.

    It also revealed that once the couples had moved on from the honeymoon phase, their most frequent arguments revolved around finances (25%), sex (21%) and not spending enough quality time together (20%). A fifth of the participants also confessed that differing bedroom preferences led to most of their sex-based arguments.

    And what were the couples biggest concerns when it came to their sex lives? Around 37% admitted that they ‘didn’t have enough sex’, with 34% believing that their bedroom antics weren’t spontaneous enough. A further 32% blamed their other half for being a lazy lover. Charming.

    However, if there is an imbalance in a couple’s libido it seems that 40% are happy to switch on some porn to get their kicks. Fair enough.

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