Trying To Get Pregnant? 5 Apps That We Hope Will Help

If you're trying to conceive, these handy apps should really help...

1. Pink Pad 

This app lets you track your periods, and monitor your moods, weight and any other health-related issues. You’re given a reminder of when you should be at your most fertile, and everything is organised in a simple calendar. 
Free, iOS and Android

2. Period Tracker

The Lite version of this app is free and easy to use. It tracks your periods and predicts the start date of your next one, when you’ll ovulate and when you’ll have your monthly eight-day “fertile window”. 

Free, iOS and Android

3. Kindara
This app allows you to track your cycle, and gives you the opportunity to pay for top-rated support from fertility experts if you have any questions. 
Free, iOS and Android

4. Get Baby
Another app that predicts your next period and ovulation dates, and tracks when you will be at your most fertile. There’s an added fun element, as it will also guess whether you are more likely to have a boy or a girl on any given day.
Free, Android
5. Get Pregnant
This app helps you conceive by predicting when you will be fertile up to six months in advance. It will also calculate your expected delivery date after you become pregnant.

Free, iOS and Android

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