sexiest things about men

This is what the internet finds sexiest about men

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  • The internet is unapologetic filth and we love it

    Ask and ye shall receive. A recent AskReddit thread addressed to the women of the social media platform posed the question, ‘Girls of Reddit, what’s the male equivalent of eating a banana or licking ice cream seductively?’

    The internet was quick to answer, with the post spiking to nearly 16,000 upvotes and over 8900 people commenting about what really tickled their fancies over just one day. While many users responded jokingly to the question (the top rated answer by To5ka went from zero to one hundred with a deadpan, ‘Licking a vagina seductively’), there were a few obvious patterns in the responses about what women found attractive about men.

    Hands, shoulders, biceps – everybody just really likes arms

    ‘Watching a guy knead dough. It’s oddly seductive to see his forearms flex and think about his strong hands gripping other things’ – Peachdoughnut

    ‘Men working with their hands’ – Jewzzica

    ‘Flexing his bicep when lifting something fairly light. I like arms’ – Islajaygrace

    ‘If you’re at work doing something, look up and stretch your arms out to the side with your hands behind your head, and smile at me. Not only do I get a good look at your shoulders flexing a bit and at a cute smile, but it’s not so overt as to feel creepy’ – Urbandandelion

    ‘I love a guy who is good with his hands; bass, guitar, heck, even good at video games is pretty sexy. My boyfriend is a bass player, let me tell you, it translates well into our sexy life.’ – vollis

    sexiest things about men

    The way they’re dressed – or undressed

    ‘Having shirt sleeves rolled to the elbow’ – brittyboo994

    ‘Honestly, when guys do that thing where they pull [off] their shirt with one hand from the back of the neck. GOOD LORD HOW DO YOU DO THAT so sexy’ – Untilthesunriseup

    ‘The act of putting on and taking off a suit. Suits are the visual porn for straight ladies as lingerie is for straight dudes’ – pinktini

    sexiest things about men

    Oral fixations

    ‘Licking the crumbs out of a Pringles can’ – TheLakeAndTheGlass

    ‘Eating pudding from a pudding cup without a spoon ;)’ – PM_ME_YOUR_BATSYMBOL

    As the thread quickly spread like wildfire across Reddit, it became apparent that a few men let their curiosities get the better of them and dipped in to pick up some tips.

    One male user named Morgonus made some scientific observations, ‘As a man I’ve learned 3 things from this. There are 3 kinds of ladies out there. Those that want you for your money. Those that want you for your labour. Those that want you for tongue gymnastics.’

    Now go take a cold shower or four.

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