This is the number one reason that men cheat (apparently)

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  • We don't know whether to laugh or cry

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal of trust. As well dragging you through emotional turmoil, it has also been proven that your body responds with some very severe physical reactions, too.

    But have you ever wondered what makes someone cheat? We’re told that your partner’s name can determine whether or not they’re faithful, and that these are the main reasons that women cheat on their partners – but what about men? Is there one consistent reason that they wander down the path of infidelity?

    According to a survey by Superdrug, there is. That’s right, one (pretty pathetic) reason that the majority of the men questioned say would make them unfaithful.

    And when you find out what it is, you’ll either want to laugh, cry or both.

    Superdrug asked 2,000 individuals about infidelity and found that the chances of someone cheating will increase by 25% over the course of a relationship, and that 60% will do it at some point during their marriage. Great!

    But it gets better for anyone hoping to have a fulfilling, monogamous relationship in the future – 40% of the male participants admitted to cheating two or more times, with the number one reason for European men to cheat being ‘The other person was really hot.’

    Yes, really.

    The remaining five reasons were hardly better:

    1. ‘The other person was really hot’
    2. ‘The other person was really there for me’
    3. ‘My partner and I weren’t having sex’
    4. ‘I was bored’
    5. ‘My partner stopped paying attention to me’

    Of those involved in the survey, 32% of men said the person they cheated with was a friend, 19% said they met them at a bar and 15% met them on a dating app or website.

    Oh, and a whopping 57.3% of unfaithful men successfully managed to keep it a secret.

    If you need us, we’ll be Netflixing all weekend. Alone.

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