A new survey has revealed that men and women cheat for totally different reasons

Would you agree?

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Would you agree?

Whatever the reason for cheating on someone, it's still a really hurtful act that actually has a physical impact on your body if you find out your partner has strayed.

And, although we know the average age people are most likely to cheat on their partners, have we really ever found out the reason?

The biggest cause is a broken down relationship and it's important to think through the most damaging mistakes most couples make.

Now, a survey by Superdrug Online Doctor has asked American and European men and women the reasons why people might cheat and the results have shown a hefty difference between the genders.

Men, it seems, tend to seek out further physical closeness with someone while a woman is more likely to cheat for emotional support. And, men are also more likely to not see some physical acts as cheating (um...).

But, overall, the number one answer as to why they cheated was because, apparently, their partner stopped giving them all the attention they expected.

When it came to women, they said that their cheating stemmed mostly from having doubts about their own relationship or that the person they cheated with was emotionally there for them when their partner wasn't.

While men admitted to cheating because the person they cheated with was hot. Hmm... They also said it was because they were unhappy with their sex life with their partners and they also said it was because the person they cheated with was there to support them.

Men also seemed to display less self-control in the study saying they found it hard to resist being hit on in public.

When pushed to the limit, it turned out that women were more likely to cheat than men by getting close to someone emotionally (which is the most common and reportedly worst kind of cheating) while men were more likely to not associate sexual acts with cheating.

We're obviously not wild about any form of cheating but this does clear up society's stereotypical expectations from men and women in relationships with physical and emotional closeness the priority, respectively.

Delphine Chui