How you sleep says a LOT about your relationship


sleep relationship


If you're wondering about the quality of your relationship, the answer is a lot closer to home than you might think. Yes, it turns out that the way you sleep can actually reveal a lot about the kind of partner you have, as well as how good your relationship is. Pretty surprising, hey?

A study published in the Social Psychology and Personality Science journal says that good night's sleep is linked to how well you feel your partner understands and cares for you. Lead researcher Dr. Emre Selçuk says: 'Our findings show that individuals with responsive partners experience lower anxiety and arousal, which in turn improves their sleep quality.' So, if your partner is kind and caring, you'll sleep really well, whereas a partner who constantly stresses you out will cause you to lose sleep. Makes sense.

Here are six brilliant hacks for sleeping in comfortably in the summer heat if you feel your disrupted sleep is more weather-based, than partner-related.

We already know that sleep is really important for good physical health and well being. But for sleep to prevent us from getting sick, we have to have a full night's good quality, uninterrupted sleep - aka, 'restorative sleep.' And in order for us to have restorative sleep, we need to feel safe, secure and protected - which is where our relationship with our partner comes in.

'Having responsive partners who would be available to protect and comfort us should things go wrong is the most effective way for us humans to reduce anxiety, tension, and arousal' Dr. Selçuk says. 'The corpus of evidence we obtained in recent years suggests that our best bet for a happier, healthier, and a longer life is having a responsive partner.'

So, there you have it: A dreamy partner = sweet dreams.

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