The simple way you could save £1200 a year

(especially if you're a Millennial)

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(especially if you're a Millennial)

If you've ever wondered just how to save money, there really are a few easy tricks you can do to make sure it happens.

But, the main thing apparently? We need to stop being so damn lazy.

According to saving experts Make It Cheaper, Millennials especially are spending over £1200 a year on 'services' that they could technically be doing themselves.

What does this show? It proves that 18-34 year-olds put more value on their time more than their finances.

Over 56% of this generation are paying for up to ten services per month and around 15% of them are paying someone else to manage their finances in general, compared to the nation average of 8%.

And, the most desired business among this age group is a service that would deliver a hangover cure with over 35% of survey participants wanting this to exist. (They're a good time bunch, eh?)

One quarter of this generation are willing to spend over £100 a month to save time on their daily chores, compared to 10% of those aged between 55-65. These jobs include DIY and cleaning.

The top five outsourced spendings

Cleaning (43%) Ironing (37%) Decorating (35%) Gardening (33%) Car wash (33%)

So, add these to your repertoire and you could be saving over £1200 a year!

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Delphine Chui