How to plug into the power of you – and get what you want in seven days

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  • Julie Provino is a mindfulness and neurolinguistic programming coach who knows how to get stuff done. And she's here to help you unlock your own potential, nail the art of positive thinking and transform your future, fast

    Spoiler: there’s no magic formula. The odds are stacked against you if you expect to win the lottery or receive a holiday home in the Bahamas.

    The title of this article may sound materialistic, but what we’re actually talking about here is knowing who you are as a person and listening to what’s going on inside. This is the key to achieving the life you really want for yourself. So how do you tap into your internal energy to achieve true happiness? Here’s a week’s worth of tips to start you on your journey of self-discovery.

    Day 1: Remember who you are

    • Introduce some quiet time into your day, create your own space and simply sit, lie or stand – ideally for a minimum of 15 minutes
    • Relax and focus on your breathing
    • Think about who you are – the good and the not so good – listen to your mind and experience feelings as they come and go
    • Afterwards, write how you feel in your diary

    Day 2: Listen to your thoughts

    Did you know that we have about 90,000 thoughts every day? Amazing, right? Pay attention to these thoughts and try to understand how they shape your day-to-day life. Again, take time to sit and reflect on your pattern of thoughts.

    • Prioritise thinking in your busy agenda
    • Make a conscious effort to be positive
    • Set time aside for the things you love

    Day 3: Set goals

     Now that you’ve analysed your thoughts and know yourself a bit better, it’s time to think about your goals.

    • Simplify and organise your day/week/month to keep your goals active
    • Visualise your future as if it were today – act like you’ve already achieved those goals
    • Practice patience and eventually you’ll achieve what you want in life

    Day 4: Be eternally grateful

    Be thankful for all your amazing achievements and for all those valuable lessons you’ve learned. Sometimes when we stumble in life, it can lead to the most positive kind of development. So even in the face of adversity, remember to always be grateful.

    • Be mindful about the greatness you have in your life – that will lead to more positive thinking
    • Take more ownership of your life and focus on where you are going
    • Voice your gratitude to the people around you
    • Call someone you hold dear and share your gratitude with them
    • Spread the love

    Day 5: Go with the flow

    Like flowing water, you may become trapped or stagnant. Boulders, rocks and so on make it seem impossible to move. But in same way, that water starts flowing with a small trickle and you can create new pathways to find your way through. It’s all about having this internal knowledge that everything is going to be OK in the end; trusting that if you are true to yourself, things will work out just fine.

    To make life easier to flow through, use all the techniques mentioned above, and make a point of:

    • Clearing away distractions
    • Practicing daily mindfulness techniques

    Day 6: Realise the power of you

    Many people attribute success to the support of others, or special circumstances. It’s time to be slightly more self-aware and recognise that the power to get what you want is completely within your grasp. So now it’s time to:

    • Commit to enjoying your life more
    • Spend more time relaxing

    Day 7: New beginnings

    And the whole journey is, in fact, a complete cycle. You can choose to learn your lessons and move on, or get stuck. Life is all about evolving and growing as a person. The end of the week is all about new beginnings. Be open to things being slightly different but never the same.

    • Remember that you have the power to go in any direction you choose

    So that’s your first seven days taken care of. For further transformative tips, read How To Get What You Want in 7 Weeks (£14,99) by Julie Provino, available now at

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