This controversial study suggests men have a higher IQ than women

According to science

Men Have Bigger Brains Than Woman
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According to science

Physically men have bigger brains than women.


That totally makes sense.

But, according to a new study at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, men's brain size, which is on average 14% larger than women's, also makes them more intelligent.

Ok, stay with us here.

The university used MRI scans to identify the brain sizes of 875 volunteers and saw that women scored 3.75 less on general intelligence tests than men.

But, it's quite a leap to assume this means men are smarter than women.

We all know that men and women's brains are wired differently (haven't you heard!? They're from Mars and we're from Venus...) so you really have to take everything into account, from organisational skills, ability to read facial expressions, spatial navigation, vocabulary etc.

What do you think? It seems as if size doesn't necessarily matter and that to make general intelligence a marker of someone's smartness as a whole is a little short-sighted.

Delphine Chui