50 Interior Buys For Under

Instantly update your home with bright and bold interior must haves

Instantly update your home with bright and bold interior must haves

Colour accents are the easiest way to update your home, hurrah to that as affordable and easy to switch between rooms. With that in mind current fashion trends always influence the world of interiors – pastel pink ruffle dress translates into a beautiful rose coloured glass vase from Liberty or big bold floral prints, see the Harlequin Spirit Wallpaper available at John Lewis.

You can create an ever evolving up to date space by keeping your room neutral with white or black walls (actually any colour you like) and a plain floor – wooden with rugs or carpeted - and add pieces that you can move from room to room.

Wall hangings look great and a different way to introduce texture. Place alongside some well chosen prints and you can start to see a room come together.

A good chair can set the tone of your dining room, you can choose a great shape in a darker tone then pops of colour with plates and candles.

As with fashion there’s a real throwback to the decadent 70’s, but it has to be done in an uber glamorous way with big prints, metallic and velvet, try candelabras, cushions and wallpaper. You don't want to create a "theme" just place vintage inspired pieces amongst modern for an eclectic contrast.

Fake flowers are actually OK now - even cool cacti have now been given the faux treatment and no-one does it better than Abigail Ahern.

If you need any inspiration Pinterest is always a good place to start. Type in the key words for the look you want and you’ll find hundreds of interpretations – French minimal, Nordic winter, Miami pastels – it’s all there to help you get a mood board together.

There are so many good affordable pieces, our gallery is an edit of all our favourite sites.