Wonder pill adds years

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  • The 60p pill that promises to add years to your life

    A new ‘wonder’ pill that promises to add years to your life is about to hit the shelves this week.

    Already a winner in healthfood shops across the country, Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 promises to help maintain natural energy levels and boost your health, heart and immune system.

    A snip at 60p a pill, the life-enhancing pill will be stocked by Boots, who is so satisfied by the supplement’s benefits that it is promising a money-back guarantee if the customer is not won over after seven days.

    Scientific opinion, however, is split, with some experts believing we’d be better off spending our money on fresh fruit.

    CoQ10 is already used in upmarket beauty creams, owing to its anti-ageing properties. One study of the supplement published last week found those who took the supplement were able to continue exercising for longer before feeling tired.

    However, Professor David Colquhoun says Boots’ claims are ‘deliberately misleading customers’ stating: ‘Yes, CoQ10 helps the body convert glucose into energy, but it’s not the psychological get-up-and-go energy you feel day to day.’

    Nutritionist Dr Walker commented: ‘It sounds boring, but if you are healthy and eating a balanced diet, you will get all the nutrients you need and shouldn’t have to take supplements.’

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