The key to looking beautiful? A good night’s sleep

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  • It seems there is some truth to the old wives tale that beauty sleep will make you more beautiful, according to research published in the British Medical Journal

    If you want to look your best for all those festive celebrations, forget a new haircut or even a new dress. Experts have discovered that all you really need to look healthy and attractive is some good old-fashioned beauty sleep.

    A study led by John Axelsson from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, looked at the relationship between sleep and perceptions of attractiveness in 23 participants aged between 18 and 31.

    Sixty-five observers, unaware of the sleep status of the volunteers, rated photographs of them for attractiveness, judging the faces of sleep-deprived participants as less healthy, less attractive and more tired.

    Women who took part in the study were not allowed to wear make-up and according to scientists; ‘Apparent tiredness was strongly related to looking less healthy and less attractive.’

    Axelsson’s team found that: ‘Sleep deprived people are perceived as less attractive and less healthy compared with when they are well rested.’

    A good night’s sleep is also thought to reduce wrinkles in the faceand neck – even more reason to indulge in that lie-in and get some shut-eye.

    Experts recommend at least seven hours sleep, but the average Brit usually only manages around six hours a night due to our hectic lifestyles and 24/7 society. The number of people suffering from sleep disorders has also been found to be on the rise.

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