Diet Plans: The 5 Everyone’s Talking About

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  • These are the diet plans you need to know about, just in time for summer.


    The buzz surrounding the 5:2 diet is off the scale. Everyone seems to be talking about it, and we’d say about a quarter of the ladies in the MC office have tried it out over the last few months. The concept is simple: eat what you want for five days and fast for two. On your two fasting days, which mustn’t be consecutive because you aren’t allowed to eat more than 500 calories.

    This diet craze started when doctor Michael Mosley experimented with intermittent fasting to see if it helped him lose weight and feel better for the BBC programme Eat, Fast, and Live Longer. He lost 20 pounds in nine weeks, along with a drop in cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


    This is a weight loss programme discovered and advocated by actual doctors. Rated ‘best overall’ by dietitians in 2013, The DASH Diet is gaining some impressive momentum in the weight-loss world. This particular diet plan was originally designed to lower blood pressure in patients with the consumption of foods the doctors have always recommended (fruits, vegetables and lean proteins) while shunning the naughty ones (fats and sugars). Seems simple, and good for you. With an average of 4 stars for ease, nutrition and safety, this diet is going to prove pretty popular in 2014.


    Not just a diet, but a lifestyle, the Paleo diet takes us back to the Palaeolithic period (if the name wasn’t a big enough hint). The argument is that our ancestors had it just right when they were hunting for the foods that would keep them lean yet nourished (meat, fish, nuts and leafy greens). In civilisation, we homosapiens went on to find the foods that taste way too good to be beneficial for the waistline (cereals, pasta and sweets). The Paleo diet simply tells us to go back to basics.

    THE MOST SENSIBLE: Mediterranean Diet

    Purveyors of a Mediterranean lifestyle have long been known to maintain a long life span, effective weight management and healthy hearts. The suggestion? We should totally copy their diet plan. So, fish, fresh tomatoes and olive oil, along with copious amounts of bread and pasta are all recommended under this diet plan. (You’re even allowed a heart-healthy glass of red on occasion.)

    THE MOST ENJOYABLE: The Honey Diet

    Simply replacing sugar with honey, this diet plan suggests, can help to speed up the metabolism (aiding weight loss) and reduce the weight gain from sugar consumption. It even explains that a couple of table spoons before bed can help you drop off to sleep and replenish your brain’s fuel supply overnight. Who knew your sugar fix could be so good for you?

    Have you tried any of the above diets? What have been your experiences of them? Let us know in the comment box below.

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