10 sleep remedies to help you get those all-important eight hours

Lack of sleep doing your head in? You need these sleep solutions

sleep remedies
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Lack of sleep doing your head in? You need these sleep solutions

Whether you’re at a nine-to-five, meeting friends for mid-week drinks or have an exciting jam-packed weekend, your body needs to be replenished across all levels – that's where sleep remedies come in.

Let’s face it, life is really quite tiring, so it’s important to get a good night’s sleep to be physically, mentally and emotionally uplifted and keep our focus and fuel for the activities to come. Insomnia is not the one.

Melia Hotels & Resorts Sleep and Wellness Ambassador, Nerina Ramlakhan, determines the cause of disrupted sleep and tiredness is because people are doing too much, constantly making the most of all opportunities which, unfortunately ‘comes at a cost, as we strive to keep up with all of these roles and responsibilities and we end up taking "slices" off our sleep.'

Here at Marie Claire, we’re no strangers to busy work schedules and late night events so below we’ve come up with some sleep remedies to solve your struggles. And when you're done here, be sure to check out these brilliant sleep apps.

Words by Amira Arastehc

Use a sleep spray

Mauli Rituals Sleep Dharma Pillow Spray, £22, Lookfantastic

sleep remedies Maui spray

Part of the problem is putting your head down on the pillow and not being able to doze off (who else is with me on this?) Although they might not seem much of an antidote, sleep sprays are a great way of calming your senses and allowing yourself to drift off into a deep sleep. Most contain a blended scent of essential oils, with lavender, bergamot and chamomile being best known for creating a relaxing sleeping spell.

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Try a tonic

Botanic Lab Tonic 2, £3.99, botanic-lab.co.uk

sleep remedies Botanic Lab

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Most drinks designed to combat sleep deprivation are packed with adaptogens. You always hear of people drinking herbal teas before bed but if that’s not your thing, why not try Botanic Lab Tonics as part of your night-time ritual? Adaptogens help moderate stress responses, thus being useful in improving disrupted sleep. Botanic Lab’s CEO and Founder, Rebekah Hall says that: 'Ashwagandha is known for its ability to calming before sleep' – and Botanic Lab’s Tonic 2 is packed with the stuff.

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Invest in a sleep-assisting mattress

Eve Original Mattress, £349, evemattress.co.uk

sleep remedies eve mattress

It’s crazy how things are coming along to the point that even your mattress can be smart enough to aid your sleep. If you’re too hot at night, companies such as Eve have integrated a super breathable evecomfort® layer and a moisture-wicking top cover to cool you down in the night. The base layer of the mattress is split into seven zones to ensure you’re well supported across the body throughout your sleep.

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Adjust to the right kind of light

Whether it’s coming from your TV, outside the window or your mobile phone, light exposure as you’re sleeping negatively impacts your quality of sleep. Your brain thinks it’s time to wake up and you’ll find yourself struggling to get some shut-eye.

Cat Dal, founder of Cat Dal Interiors, says: 'light places an important part in melatonin production and so good light can have a positive impact on your sleeping habits.' This links to why your mobile has a night time light setting for the screen due to blue light causing the body to produce less melatonin.

Read a book/write in a journal

kikki.K Life Inspiration Journal, £16, John Lewis

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If you’re someone who thinks they can’t possibly go to bed early because they won’t fall asleep, let’s set something straight. 'You don’t have to be asleep straight away but resting in bed, reading something gentle, inspiring and uplifting or keeping a gratitude journal can help you feel naturally sleepy and fall effortlessly into deep, velvety sleep,' confirms Melia’s Nerina.

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Pillows and duvets are key

Casper Standard Pillow, £60, Amazon

sleep remedies casper pillow

You’d be forgiven for thinking a pillow is just a pillow, but a lot of sleep remedies revolve around your bedding. Casper have invented a truly unique pillow which actually holds another pillow inside - the ultimate comfort aid to ensure a satisfying sleep. The inner pillow offers support, whilst the outer pillow ensures it’s soft to the touch. If you have a stiff neck or back, this pillow’s shape will provide the necessary support for your neck and spine’s alignment.

Casper have also just launched their Merino wool and down duvet, combining cosy comfort with moisture-wicking merino wool.

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Run a relaxing bath before bed

ELEMIS Life Elixirs Calm Bath and Shower Oil, £49.50, Fabled

sleep remedies Elemis

Whilst scents like lemongrass and mint are refreshing and invigorating – great for morning showers and getting you energised for the day – your bedtime regime should be more calming. ELEMIS' Life Elixirs range offers a bath and shower oil to relax and soothe you before sleep. It contains the scent of Rosewood, which is known for its balancing effect on one’s emotions, as well as Clary Sage and Lavandin which are great for calming daily stresses. Sleep remedies don't get much better than this.

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Think between the sheets

Caravane Fitted Linen Sheet, from €120, caravane.co.uk

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If you’re tossing and turning in the night, it could be because of your choice of bedding. (Weird to think of that being the problem, right?) But Veronique Piedeleu, founder of luxury linen brand, Caravane, explains the importance of the right bed sheets: 'Linen is a great all year round fabric – it naturally regulates temperature, as well as insulating, which means it is ideal for both hot and cool weather.'

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Swap out the glass of red

sleep remedies

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While a quick drink after work is more often better than a hard lunch – and we all know the feeling of wanting a glass of wine at the end of the working day – alcohol before bedtime can impair your sleep. Melia’s Nerina confirms: 'Alcohol has a dual effect; on one hand it's a relaxant, but on the other hadn’t it is a stimulant, meaning the effect will hit you later in the night when you wake up dehydrated and unable to get back to sleep. Alcohol also prevents the breakdown of adrenaline which in turn, reduces the action of the sleep hormone melatonin.'


sleep remedies meditation

It’s no secret that we’re all dealing with stress and anxiety from life’s pressures, but this really does affect our sleep patterns. More and more people are turning to meditation, following a holistic path to wellness and a better night’s sleep. The Re:Mind Studio in Belgravia allows people to drop in for sessions to practice this form of self-care and wellbeing.

From 30-60 minutes, all sessions are suitable for every kind of meditator, whether you’re a beginner or have had years of experience. There are classes designed to reconnect people with themselves, healing sessions, restorative practices and more.

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