Stay slim with 'sex-ercise'

Two thirds of women admit to having sex even when exhausted to help burn calories, a new survey has found

Is tiredness destroying our sex lives?
Is tiredness destroying our sex lives?
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Two thirds of women admit to having sex even when exhausted to help burn calories, a new survey has found

Hands up those of you who've decided to get cosy under the covers because you thought it would help burn calories?

Despite being exhausted, 76 per cent of women are more likely to have sex if they think it will help shift a few pounds, a new survey has revealed.

The survey commissioned by Aspire drinks, found that two thirds of women who own gym memberships said they were happy to carry out activities such as sex and doing the vacuuming if they thought it would burn as many calories as a traditional workout.

Depending on how active you are, a half-hour session will burn about 150 to 250 calories, and even up to 350 calories, says Kerry McCloskey in her book, The Ultimate Sex Diet.

Simply kissing for an hour can help shift over 200 calories - the equivalent of a chocolate bar.

‘We are burning calories constantly as we go about our daily business,' says Darren Linnell, creator of Aspire drinks. 'It’s about being aware of the small things we can do to give us that extra boost.’

But sexercise is not only good for helping you achieve that perfect bikini body. Some health experts believe that it can lower the risk of heart attacks and help people live longer.

Endorphins released during an orgasm stimulate immune system cells, which also helps target illnesses like cancer, as well as wrinkles.

Let's not lose sight of why sex is important in the first place though, argues psychosexual and relationship therapist Shanta Gyanchand.

'If women are using sex as a cheap and easy fitness routine it should be remembered that health and fitness is an added benefit, and not its primary goal. It is important not to lose sight of enjoying sex.'


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