Scientists discover drug to combat shyness

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  • Embarrassing moments are over with new anti-shyness drug

    If you turn an embarrassing shade of crimson every time the spotlight is on you, things could be about to change as scientists say they have discovered a wonder drug to combat shyness.

    The natural hormone, oxytocin, which is produced by the body during childbirth and sex has been found to reduce anxiety and relieve phobia.

    After trials of the hormone, scientists are now determined to develop it into a commercial success, in the form of a nasal spray.

    It is believed the ‘wonder drug’ could help a range of disorders including autism, depression and anxiety.

    Oxytocin is produced naturally in the brain during social interaction, increasing romantic feelings and helping mothers bond with their babies.

    Paul Zak, a professor of neuroscience at California’s Claremont Graduate University said: ‘Tests have shown that oxytocin reduces anxiety levels in users. It is a hormone that facilitates social contact between people.

    ‘What’s more, it is a very safe product that does not have any side effects and is not addictive.’

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