Revealed: The Top 10 Emojis We Use To Talk About Sex

Yes, yes, the eggplant is in there...


Yes, yes, the eggplant is in there...

Ever wanted to talk about last night with your BFF, and can't bring yourself to really say the words? Well, then we're sure you've used emojis to talk about sex - and not just vagina emojis.

No, we're sure your creativity really comes out when you need to describe what exactly went down in the bedroom, whether you use an eggplant or a donut.

In fact, according to research by Durex, 80% of 16-25 year olds say they find it easier to express themselves by emoji, with 84% more comfortable talking about sex using a variety of colourful icons.

And behold, here are the 10 most-used sex emojis...

We confess to having used some of these before. We admit it. Number one doesn't surprise us - and sorry to be so dense, but what on earth is number 10 supposed to represent?

But according to Durex, these innuendo emojis aren't enough. They've now launched their #CondomEmoji campaign, after research showed that 25% of youngsters think that HIV is something that mainly happens in Africa - and over a third said they didn't care about safe sex. Nearly half said they didn't think HIV would ever affect them or someone they know.

The company believes that a dedicated condom emoji will help young people to overcome the embarrassment that comes with discussing safe sex, as well as raising awareness of the importance of using protection.

Their proposed design is below...

'Many young people have gained their sexual knowledge through their own sexual activity and searching the internet,' said Dr. Mark McCormack, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Co-Director, Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities at Durham University. 'While participants generally felt able to discuss safe sex within their romantic relationships, there was more uncertainty with new or potential partners. 80% welcomed the idea of the emoji to make the discussion of safe sex easier and more fun.' Volker Sydow, Global Director at Durex, added: 'Durex believes in happier, healthier sex lives... looking at how influential messaging is in the development of relationships today, an official safe sex emoji is a simple and empowering step towards better protection and sexual wellbeing.'

What do you think of the condom emoji? Do you use the other top 10 sexual emojis? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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