New spray makes nooky last longer

Latest research shows a new spray means nooky can last six times longer

Sex, Relationship, Health, Marie Claire News
Sex, Relationship, Health, Marie Claire News

Latest research shows a new spray means nooky can last six times longer

A spray can help men with premature ejaculation problems prolong the length of time they have sex by six times.

Up to 40% of men experience premature ejaculation at some time in their lives, experts estimate. It is difficult to have an exact idea of the rate because there is still embarrassment about discussing sex lives and the definition of what constitutes a premature climax does vary.

The spray, developed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, contains local anaesthetics that numb the penis. A British Journal of Urology International study says it could be available in the next couple of years.

In the study, the researchers looked at 300 men who regularly had difficulty lasting for more than a minute during love-making. Every time they had intercourse during the three-month study period, each couple measured the time to ejaculation with a stopwatch.

The men who tested the spray, called PSD502, were able to last 6.3 times longer on average. In comparison, men who tested a ‘dummy’ spray containing no drug lasted only 1.7 times longer.

PSD502 helped 90% of the men enjoy sex for up to four minutes, where they had previously only lasted for seconds.

Lead researcher Professor Wallace Dinsmore said: ‘Premature ejaculation can be a very distressing condition for men and can cause distress, frustration and make them avoid sexual intimacy.

‘Our study shows that when the PSD502 spray was applied to the man's penis five minutes before intercourse it improved both sexual performance and sexual satisfaction, which are key factors in treating premature ejaculation.’


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