New Cosmetic Surgeons Must Be Trained To Keep Up With Demand, Says Leading Professor

Plastic surgery leader is calling for new surgeons to be mentored

Lip fillers
Lip fillers
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Plastic surgery leader is calling for new surgeons to be mentored

A leading plastic surgeon is calling for new surgeons to be mentored and trained.

In the wake of a 250 per cent upsurge in demand, Professor Laurence Kirwan, a plastic surgery specialist who has taught at the Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship Program at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary for the past 17 years, said: 'We need to train and educate the next generation of surgeons because demand is only going to increase. And they need to learn not just the surgical side but the business side as well.

'New cosmetic surgeons are seeking as much knowledge as they can about skincare, lasers, injectables and all the latest technology. We should be exposing them to the latest and best in procedures such as body contouring, laser surgery, incisional surgery and safety.

'Giving them opportunities to observe and ask questions about analyzing patients, selecting products and then treating patients can help reinforce what they have learned in the classroom and laboratory.' he said.

This year, the The Aesthetic Society will feature 'the best and the brightest' of aesthetic surgeons who will explain the latest in aesthetic surgery techniques. It is an outreach effort exposing young surgeons to aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine, which Professor Kirwan has applauded.

'New cosmetic surgeons need to learn skills such as patient interaction and analysis. The best way to do that is through observing someone who has done those things successfully for many years' he added.

Like Professor Kirwan, we are calling for better regulation of plastic surgery. We think it's such an important issue for women.

Our #TakeAGoodLook Campaign Demands:

• a register for practitioners and procedures • standardised information for patients • a ban on special offers and procedures as prizes • a code of practice for advertising • training courses for non-surgical procedures • fillers to be made prescription-only • a national breast implant registry • an impartial organisation to turn to when things go wrong

So please, sign our petition if you think women should be empowered, informed and safe about cosmetic procedures.

You can read our full investigation into plastic surgery in the latest issue of Marie Claire – out now.



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