Do you know how your age effects your sex life?

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  • Throw everything you thought about sex out the (steamed up) window

    Whilst it’s a commonly held belief that our sex drive decreases with age, a new study suggested that’s not the way of it all. In fact, according to new research, our sex life actually gets better the older we get.

    Yes, sex improves with age.

    Ok, we’re listening.

    A survey was carried out by researchers at the University of Guelph and the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN), in which 2,400 people between the ages of 40 and 59 took part.

    They found that 75% of those surveyed had had a sexual encounter in the last 12 months, while 71% had in the last six.

    And it’s not just regular sex that they’re having – it’s more adventurous too, with 63% revealing that they were ‘more interested’ in trying new things to enhance pleasure than what they were a decade ago.

    Two thirds also reported either being ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ with their sex lives.

    Now you can’t argue with stats like that.

    The survey’s director, Alan McKay chose to question this demographic because of good ol’ sexual liberation. He said these individuals ‘saw society take a more liberal turn to sexuality and… Grew up with the idea that sexuality was something to be enjoyed.’

    Well, here here to that!

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