Befriending his friends could jeopardise your sex life

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  • Becoming too close with your partner's friends could cause your sex life to deteriorate, according to new research

    A study from Cornell University has found that a husband’s sex life deteriorates if his wife monopolises his friends.

    Titled ‘partner betweeness’, the phenomenon found by researchers states that a man’s masculinity is undermined by close relationship between his partner and friends.

    ‘Men who experience ‘partner betweenness’ in their joint relationships are more likely to have trouble getting or maintaining an erection and are also more likely to experience difficulty achieving orgasm during sex,’ says study leader, Professor Benjamin Cornell.

    Autonomy and privacy, which are paramount to healthy sexual performance in men, are weakened if the woman gets on better with the man’s friends than he does.

    Women, however, should not fear organising social events as it is generally accepted that females are more efficient with such issues.

    But a man should not be denied his boy nights as these may actually have a positive result, contrary to popular female belief.

    ‘A man’s ability to play a round of golf or have a few drinks with a friend who has only a passing acquaintance to his wife or girlfriend is crucial to preserving some independence in everyday life,’ says Professor Cornell.


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