Drink red wine: enjoy high-fat diet

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  • Another reason why red wine is good for you!

    Drinking red wine could diminish the effects of a high-fat diet, a new study has found.

    After looking into the French diet, and particularly why a nation which enjoys a relatively high-fat diet but suffers from far fewer heart problems than us Brits, researchers discovered it’s the ‘healthy chemicals’ in red wine which are to thank.

    Resveratrol, a naturally occurring chemical in red wine, not only guards against the toxic effects of a high-fat diet (something scientists already know), but also seems to protect the heart from ageing.

    Early tests, on mice, have had staggering results, paving the way for further studies.

    However, already the men in white coats seem confident in recommending a glass or two of vino with your evening meal.

    In the tests, mice fed resveratrol were compared with a group on a restricted diet, with similar results for both test cases, which had the added benefit of confirming beliefs that a low-calorie diet can also lengthen lifespan.

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