Diet plan: Stop feeling bloated

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  • How to combat feeling bloated

    We all go through stages of feeling bloated, whether it’s down to overeating or the time of the month. There are many ways to combat the problem, from drinking herbal teas like fennel and peppermint, to increasing our consumption of high fibre foods and potassium.

    Below we’ve pulled together a list of key ingredients to minimise feeling bloated. Plus to kick-start your way to a flatter tummy and feel more comfortable, we have provided a full day’s worth of recipes, keeping all these vital ingredients in mind.

    Key ingredients to combat feeling bloated:

    High fibre foods

    Eg. Oats at breakfast, Blue Corn Chips in snacks and new potatoes at dinner.

    Fibre has the function of helping to clean you out by forcing through debris and by-products that may be trapped in the gut.


    Found in high quantities in bananas, asparagus and new potatoes. Potassium encourages the body to expel excess salt and fluid.


    Found in live yoghurt, it helps you to balance the micro flora, digest more efficiently and boost your immune system.

    Antiseptic properties in honey can fight mild infections which may be adding to your bloating.

    Essential fat

    Found in seeds and salmon. They have anti-inflammatory benefits so may aid inflammation of the bowel.


    Stimulate and cleanse the system by removing toxins from the kidneys and eaten with a handful of seeds will help balance out blood sugar levels, keeping you full for longer.

    Olive oil

    Traditionally proved to relieve symptoms of constipation

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