Diet pill that cuts appetite

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  • The diet pill that makes you feel full

    Scientists have been blown away by the results of a new diet pill, that will leave the taker feeling full as soon as they start eating a meal.

    The new medication, Tesofensine, could be available to the public within three years, and works by targeting the area of the brain that monitors appetite.  

    After taking the one-a-day pill, the user will feel full early in the stages of eating a meal, meaning they eat less and feel less need to graze or snack between meals.

    The researchers state that takers could see weight loss of a stone and a half, equating to two dress sizes, after taking the medication for six months.

    Study leader Arne Astrup, president of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, studied the effects of the drug on 200 overweight men and women.

    He commented on the findings, ‘You could easily come up to 20 per cent weight loss which could offer an alternative to the surgical treatment of obesity which has become the only real cure or effective treatment that can provide a weight loss of that size.’

    Although the drug could have hugely beneficial results for the over-weight, there are also concerns that many could use the treatment as a quick-fix route to getting slim, rather than using exercise and healthy eating. It has also shown a number of side-effects, which will need to be assessed fully before the drug is deemed safe.

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