In case you were wondering, this is the exact temperature your shower should be

Now you know

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Now you know

Words – Andrea Jordan

From the 90-second shower trick that gives you more energy to why some people eat oranges in the shower, we love a bit of bathroom trivia.

There’s nothing like taking a warm shower to start or end a busy day. Feeling the warm water and steam from the shower is super relaxing and feels oh, so good. But how else can you get the your best skin results from that intimate time?

We’ve found that there are two kinds of people: people who love scorching hot showers and people who believe ice cold water is the key to revival on the inside and outside.

While I’ve never understood cold showers (because who truly wants to be cold? Not me.), there have been talks about it closing the pores and giving you healthy and glowing skin.

According to Olay Research and Development expert, Dr. Frauke Neuser, the best water temperature for shower time is 40-43.5 degrees celsius. You may be thinking, 'how on earth would I know what degree the water is?'

Well, Dr. Neuser suggests that: 'If your skin turns red, the water is too hot' – a pretty good rule of thumb.

So now that we know the ideal temp for our water, what other beauty benefits can we sneak in for the ultimate results?

Let’s talk skin. Moisturising is key, especially in the cold winter months. Personally, if I skip lotion for a day, a dry patch is born. So it’s important to keep skin hydrated on both your face and body. 'Showering can improve skin hydration, but it is important to moisturize immediately after to lock it in,' says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, an NYC-based dermatologist.

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