Do you know how many calories you're really drinking?

You might think twice before ordering that vino

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You might think twice before ordering that vino

We all know the drill. It's the afternoon, the sun is shining, a few colleagues throw around the idea of heading to the pub and before you know, you've cancelled your gym session and you're half a bottle of wine down (after all, wine can make your hair healthier!). But, not only are the calories not getting burned off, they're increasing rapidly with every sip of booze consumed.

That's not to say that a fun time doesn't outweigh a gruelling session with a personal trainer, but if getting ripped for summer is the goal, there's a few things you should know about your favourite tipple, like just how many calories are hiding in the bottle (even if they say a glass of wine at night can help you lose weight).

Want to make sure you're not having the equivalent to 6 large burgers on a night out? Arm yourself with these figures.

How many calories are in wine?

 A 250ml glass of wine contains 228 calories, roughly the amount of a 44g bar of chocolate - meaning a person who drinks around just a few glasses a week can consume an extra 2000 calories or so in a month.

Try champagne or prosecco instead. A 175ml glass of red or white wine can contain up to 160 calories, while champagne in a 125ml glass contains 89 calories and would take nine minutes of running to burn off.

How many calories are in beer?

According to drink aware, a pint of lager can contain up to 180 calories, roughly the same as a slice of pizza. And according to the NHS, drinking five pints of lager a week adds up to over 44,200 extra kilo calories a year.

How many calories are in Gin and Vodka?

Clear spirits contain slightly fewer calories than dark spirits, but the mixers is where the calories will come from. A gin and tonic will add on 97 calories - the equivalent to a crumpet - and if you're inclined to add a double shot when you're at the pub, that means you can double your calories too.

How many calories are in Whisky?

A traditional shot of whiskey is approximately 98 calories, but a whiskey with higher alcohol content contains more calories and if you add a can of coke to that you're hitting a minimum of 238 calories.

How many calories are in bottled Ice tea?

Refreshing? yes. Calorific? You bet ya. 129 - 143 calories on average.

How many calories are in in juice?

Even if it gets you up and going in the morning, unsweetened orange juice and apple juice will take up quite a few of daily calorie intake. In fact a glass of orange juice will add 157 - 168 calories, while a glass of apple juice will add 169-175 calories.

How many calories are in soda? 

A can of coke contains around 140 calories, the equivalent to 7 teaspoons of sugar (and no nutrients). Swapping a daily can for a glass of water could save 51,100 calories in a year!

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